Want to lose weight?

Confused about the popular diets that promise wellness, health, and immunity?

Many such queries strike us under the current cloud of the pandemic and it all comes down to one important point, diet. Many of us have altered our diets to boost immunity yet it is reckoned that the issue goes much deeper than just modifications in our eating habits.

We have always believed that what we eat determines our good health, yet there are some food intolerances we cannot explain. This demonstrates that there isn’t any one-size-fits-all kind of diet.

Research in the newly emerging science of nutrigenetics indicates that each person’s body reacts differently to every food. Our genes hold some amount of variations that affect how their body metabolizes nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, and minerals. If the food we consume is not properly metabolised it leads to an imbalance that pushes us towards chronic ailment and illnesses. This concludes that genetic variation is a significant component to which we have to pay attention. This is how people differ from each other in their basic metabolism.

Hence it is true that our genetic profile, more often than not, sets a blueprint of our dietary needs. It plays a significant role in how our body processes food, fat, carbs, balances the micronutrient and minerals, and so on.

Recent studies in the field of Nutrigenomics reveal a definite link between an individual’s genetic makeup and eating habits making personalized diet important.

Nutritional genomics or Nutrigenomics helps to recommend customized diet plans based on the individual’s genetic makeup. With a promise to identify food intolerances, prevent chronic diseases, nutrigenomics reinstates a state of healthy balance to lead a fulfilling life.

Though it is now no secret that genes hold our health-code yet it is the field of nutrigenomics that has helped us gain new insights into the connection between the food we consume and genetics. They could either work to the body’s advantage or its disadvantage.

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It is perfect for course nutritionists, health care professionals, physical trainers, and anyone in the field of nutrition and wellness. It would help them to gain precise insights while training their clients and counsel them in customized and actionable diet and exercise plans.

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