Certified Coaches

Nutrigenomics Batch 2021

Our Certified Nutritional Genomics Coaches

 At The Gene Box Academy, We have a Course on Nutritional Genomics for the advanced batch, where over the period of 4 weeks, 4 sessions, lots of interaction and assessment, we are proud to introduce our Certified Nutritional Genomics Coaches. 
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Akhtarunnisa Ansari

Head Dietician at SevenHills Healthcity

Deepthi Babu

Healthcare advisor, Founder at Salt World

Deepthi Rose Kalulapati


Joohi Vaya

Resident Dental Practitioner

Manasi Gautam


Niharika Nahata

Dietician, Founder at Calories & Beyond

Nisreen Dhariwala

C-Suite dietitian, Celebrity dietitian, Certified diabetes educator

Prachi Velhal

Research consultant and dietician

Sai Saranya Manukonda

Clinical dietitian and nutritionist,
at Andhra hospital Vijayawada

Swathi Sundaram

Sr. Nutritionist, Certified Diabetic Educator, Certified Yoga Trainer, Psychologist

Rajalakshmi Viswanathan

Star Genomics Wellness Pvt Ltd

Priyanka Singh

Certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach and founder of Integrity Health Coaching.

Jishy Seby

Clinical Dietitian, KIMS Health Oman

Sakina Mohammed Badami


Minkashi Kurhe

Nutritionist and Health Educator, Dietcall

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Basic Nutrigenomics

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Women's Hormonal Health

Understand the role of nutrition for optimal hormonal health of women, functions of hormonesthe genetic components of women’s hormonal health, and nutrition as a management strategy.