The Gene Box Academy

About Us

We are a team of passionate experts in genomics. The world is moving towards the age of “omics” and we believe that to keep pace in the constantly evolving world of science and technology,  it is imperative that we share our knowledge and experiences with wider audiences. 


Our experts are from top-notch institutes such as the IITs as well as national & international universities. They have great research experience in the field of genomics. Their endeavour is  to convert complex concepts into simple understandable content which will help you grasp each and every aspect of the subject. 


We aim to provide quality, informative and educative courses on subjects that are new and futuristic in making decisions. Knowledge is continuous and we intend to help and provide accurate scientific education through our academy. This will enable us to help change the scenario of adopting genomics and allied technologies in day to day practice of health care professionals and allied health care individuals such as nutritionists, dieticians, health and lifestyle coaches.


The Gene Box academy has varied certified courses ranging from basics to an advanced level where one can learn about genomics and its applications in various aspects of their practice. The courses are designed by experts who have been in this field of work collectively for more than 3 decades. The content is designed in a lucid manner with evaluations at each step. 


We wish each one of you to have a great learning experience through the courses. They will surely enhance your knowledge and expertise in the area of genomics. The future is in the hands of those who strive to upgrade their knowledge and excel. There is more to this fascinating world of genomics and it is our mission to keep you updated with the latest developments.

Our Experts


B.Tech Biological Science and Bioengineering, IIT Kanpur

Lead - Fitness and Nutrition Team at The Gene Box.

Aakash has over four years of experience working at the intersection of genomics, exercise physiology, nutrition, data analytics and software development. At The Gene Box, Aakash’s team works toward providing actionable nutritional and exercise insights based on genomics.

Aditi Deshpande

Masters in Applied Nutrition, ICMR-National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad

Nutritionist at The Gene Box

Aditi has extensive research experience in nutrition, genomics and microbiome. With specialisation in Applied and Molecular Nutrition, she builds nutritional recommendations based on genetics and gut microbiome.

ASHISH PANDYA Biochemistry, Nirma University, Ahmedabad.

Lead – Strategy & Customer Success at The Gene Box

Ashish is a gold medalist in Biochemistry. Having worked on medical devices, he also has a patent in his name. Ashish has been working in the emerging healthcare domain for a decade and has considerable research experience as well as publications to his credit.


MD Homeopath, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

Lead – Training & Content at The Gene Box

Dr Hetal had a clinical practice for 14 years and has extensive experience in clinical research for adverse event reporting. She is the lead trainer at The Gene Box and has trained more than 500 nutritionists, healthcare professionals and coaches.


M.Sc Biotechnology, Dayananda Sagar Institution, Bangalore

Research Analyst at The Gene Box

Nidhi is a strong research professional with over three years of experience in genetics and genomics. At The Gene Box, she is the lead for diabetes and microbiome projects. She also specializes in other projects such as Personality Genomics, Immunology and Ophthalmology as well as overseeing the research quality control process to meet the quality expectations of the scientific curation produced.


MSc Biotechnology, National College, Mumbai

Senior Research Analyst at The Gene Box

Sayli has been working in the field of Genomic research for over five years. At the Gene Box, she leads the health genomics and pharmacogenomics team. She is also specialized in Gene prioritization and handles the IP of the company. In addition, Sayli oversees the processes carried out by the research team at The Gene Box.