Privacy Policy


1.1 The words “you” or “your” refer to users or visitors of the products and services of Virtus Nutrion Pvt Ltd. or websites of Virtus Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. (henceforth “Virtus”), and “we”, “us” or “our” refer to Virtus

1.2 The word “Terms” refers to the terms and conditions laid out in this agreement.

1.3 The phrase “Products and Services” refers to products or softwares or services or websites (including but not limited to, hereinafter “”) or any and all commodities offered by Virtus.

1.4 The word “Procedures” refers to the tests, protocols, analysis, research, and any other activity Virtus may undertake to execute the delivery of the products and services

1.5 The word “Data” refers to personal details or samples or any information, such as but not restricted to saliva samples or physical details such as height & weight or results and analysis and discoveries made by Virtus through procedures or any other information as deemed necessary by Virtus for delivery of products and services.

1.6 The word “Database” refers to all electronic, as well as manual records held by Virtus in its books, computer drives, external drives, computer disks or any other medium for storage of historic data.

1.7 The word “Protocols” refers to all measures, procedures and methods adopted by Virtus to safeguard data on its database.

1.8 The phrase “Third parties” refers to any person, natural or artificial, that is not directly a party to this contract.

1.9 The phrase “Direct Personal Identity” means identification of your name or any of your other unique details such as communication details.


2.1 This privacy policy is to elaborate on the protocols followed by Virtus in handling your personal and other information to secure privacy.

2.2 It is your responsibility to review and understand the Privacy Policy. If you find our policies inadequate and unacceptable after initial acceptance, express or implicit, Virtus will not bear any liability nor be obliged to make any refunds or concessions.

2.3 Virtus may make changes to the policies from time to time. When these changes are made, Virtus will make the amended copy of the terms available on the website of their services. It is your responsibility to make aware yourself of such changes.

2.4 Any expectations regarding the protocols prompted by your misunderstanding of the nature and extent of these protocols are not the responsibility of Virtus to justify or satisfy. It is your responsibility to clearly understand the nature and extent of these protocols.

2.5 These policies also apply to persons who do not engage directly with Virtus, but use the products and services, indirectly or via third parties.

2.6 Your purchase or use of any products and services offered by Virtus will amount to your implied consent that these policies are adequate and acceptable to you.


3.1 You agree to furnish your name, personal contact details, details of mode of payment and any other such details required by Virtus to set up an account for you as deemed necessary for the products and services (hereinafter referred to as “registration information”).

3.2 Registration information shall be stored by Virtus on its database and be used for purposes including but not limited to, authentication and identification on website visits, authentication and identification for telephonic enquiries, authentication and identification prior to data sharing and any necessary communication.

3.3 Not all details in Virtus’s registration information enquiry form are mandatory. The mandatory and nonmandatory fields will be accordingly indicated in the form. It is your responsibility to understand these fields and provide the data accordingly. Virtus will not be obliged to delete any data provided by you from its database, unless in the event of the closure of your account with Virtus. For details on procedure to close your account, please refer to Virtus Terms of Service.

3.4 Virtus reserve the right but are not obliged to authenticate all data received from you prior to processing. Not all registration information received is necessarily authenticated by Virtus prior to processing. Any loss or damages suffered on account of faulty or misleading registration information received by Virtus does not bind Virtus to any liability, nor obliges it to make any recalls, refunds or concessions.

3.5 Any such data that may seem conspicuous to the concerned officers of Virtus may be refused or rejected.

3.6 Virtus shall maintain the registration information separate from any other data and shall not use the same for any procedures other than for identification and authentication purposes.


4.1 Virtus receives certain data without it being specifically provided by you, i.e. whenever you interact with the Virtus web site and hosted services, such as but not restricted to date and time of interaction, Internet protocol (IP) address, internet browser type and settings, time zone setting, operating system type and Uniform Resource Locators (URL) click stream (hereinafter referred to as “automated data”)

4.2 Virtus may collect and store such automated data in its database and use it for purposes including but not limited to improvement of overall user experience.

4.3 Virtus may also receive individual level data about you from third party sources including but not limited to online accounts maintained by you on other websites, or data provided by you as part of any survey or initiative, if such data is provided to us by virtue of our relationship or affiliation with such website or person or entity providing the data, and such data may be added to our database

4.4 Virtus websites and hosted services also uses small text files, known as “cookies”, that improve the security of your Personal Information, enhance the functionality of certain features and help with better navigation of Virtus websites. Some of the cookies, known as “persistent cookies” get stored on your hard drive. You may choose to delete or keep these persistent cookies.

4.5 Virtus maintain a secure and clean host. However, any loss or damage resulting from material downloaded or obtained from the Virtus websites will not bind Virtus to any liability nor oblige it to make any refunds, recalls or concessions.


5.1 Virtus will take due care to secure your data. Virtus employs stringent and robust security measures and systems to protect all data against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction.

5.2 Virtus security measures and systems are subject to the current state of art of data protection. However, Virtus does not guarantee that its systems can never be breached.

5.3 Losses or damages due to obsolescence of security systems on account of technological advances does not bind Virtus to any liability, nor does it oblige it to make any refunds, recalls or concessions.

5.4 Access to data, be it registration information, genetic and self-reported information, automated information or data of any other kind will be shared with regulatory authorities, if Virtus is bound to comply with the requirements of the law of the land.

6.5 In the eventuality that Virtus undergoes a business transition, including but not limited to mergers or acquisitions, it may share or transfer your data, be it registration information, genetic and self-reported information, automated information or data of any other kind as required by the terms of such transition with any third party.