Basic Nutrigenomics Course

Basic Nutrigenomics

Basics of genetics, nutrition and their correlation. This course covers application of genetic testing with nutrition along with myth busters in the field of nutrigenomics. The course will cover various parameters used by genetic testing microarray technology used and upcoming advancements in the field of genetics. It also covers use of nutrigenomics to solve the real world problems and will teach you how to read and comprehend genetic reports.

Learn at your own pace! With this course you will be able to understand the need of healthy eating that is tailored for each and every individual differently to avoid vitamin deficiency, diabetes, food intolerances, obesity and much more.

Time: Anytime at your convenience                                                                                                                                            Location: Online                                                                                                                                                                              Language: English

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Why does Basic Nutrigenomics course stands out:

  • Learn from Industry Experts
  • Access state of the art course material
  • Download educational content
  • For everyone: Nutritionists, Dietitians, Lifestyle coaches, students and just about anyone with a curious mind
  • Call yourself an expert and walk away with subject matter expertise and a whole lot of confidence

Instructions to follow while taking the course:

  • Check your headphone for sound for a better experience
  • Keep yourself equipped to note anything important
  • Remember to take the assessment at the end of each day
  • Please click on complete bottom end of the page after each session and then proceed to the other lesson
  • Healthy Internet healthy learning
  • If you have any questions, email them to us for clarity at

Happy Learning!

1.) Basics of Genetics

Basics of Genetics

2.) Application of Genetic Testing

Applications of genetic tetsing

3.) Nutrigenomics 101

Nutrigenomics 101

4.) Debunking Myths

Debunking Myths

5.) Let's Talk Technology

Let’s talk technology

6.) Using Genetics to your advantage

Using Genetics to your advantage

7.) How to read Reports

How to read reports

8.) Nutrigenomics Masterclass - Quiz

Nutrigenomics Masterclass – Quiz
26 questions

Evaluation - Foundation day Nutrigenomics Class