The Gene Box Academy’s special offer on Advanced Nutrigenomics Course

Exclusive Coupons and Flat 10% off on Advanced Nutrigenomics Course! Limited period offer from 25th to 30th June 2021 only! Become a Nutrigenomics expert now!


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Special Offer Advanced Nutrigenomics Course

The Gene Box Academy

The Gene Box Academy (TGBA), the educational arm of The Gene Box has always aimed to share latest and top notch application based knowledge in the field of genetics. With Advanced Nutrigenomics and gene based diets revolutionizing the future of what we eat; The Gene Box Academy’s online certification course series in Nutrigenomics is gaining a lot of popularity.
Evidently many dieticians, nutritionists, health coaches, fitness trainers and genetics enthusiasts are opting for allied nutrigenomics courses. All thanks to its varied and personalized applications in the health and wellness industry.

Nutrigenomics might be the future of How we Eat — Sarah Garone

So for the first time ever The Gene Box Academy has come up with a special offer!! Exclusive 10% Off on one of its best online certification courses. Additionally supported by the best teaching faculty, interactive live classes and access to state of the art study material.

This Limited time offer on the Advanced Nutrigenomics course is from 25th June 2021 to 30th June 2020 only. A one of its kind perfectly curated short term job oriented professional certification course for learners. Wherein they can pursue their passion and get equipped with the knowledge of genetics from the industry experts themselves.

It’s now or never. So Enroll now and get an Exclusive 10% off on one of the most in-demand courses in genetics that is Advanced Nutrigenomics. Use the COUPON CODE 3FBSVYZU to avail all the benefits of this limited period offer. So Hurry up! Register now! and take one step closer to becoming the next nutrigenomics expert in the town.

advanced nutrigenomics Certified course

Advanced Nutrigenomics Certified Course

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