Nutrigenomics 101 Webinar

Nutrigenomics 101:

The webinar aims at opening up world of possibilities with nutrigenomics for nutritionists. This session will form a base for your journey on adopting nutrigenomics in your practice. The webinar gets you through very basic of the  genetics, it will help you understand the opportunities lying ahead with this new science. This nutrigenomics  101  webinar gives you a refresh on basics of genetics as science and gives you a way ahead in exploring new opportunities in nutrition through nutrigenomics. Take a leap of science in your practice through nutrigenomics!

Learn at your own pace!

Who Can Attend? This course is designed for dieticians, nutritionists, life coaches, health and fitness consultants, students of health science, and just about anyone with a curious mind.

Time: Anytime at your convenience
Location: Online
Language: English

Why does Basic Nutrigenomics course stands out:

Learn from Industry Experts
Access state of the art course material
Download educational content
For everyone: Nutritionists, Dietitians, Lifestyle coaches, students and just about anyone with a curious mind
Call yourself an expert and walk away with subject matter expertise and a whole lot of confidence

Instructions to follow while taking the course:

  1. Check your headphone for sound for a better experience
  2. Keep yourself equipped to note anything important
  3. Please click on the complete bottom end of the page after each session and then proceed to the other lesson
  4. Healthy Internet healthy learning
  5. If you have any questions, email them to us for clarity at


Ashish Pandya
Lead Strategist, The Gene Box
MSc Biochemistry, Nirma University

Rajlakshmi Viswanathan
Founder of Star Genomics
MSDFSM, Diploma in Nutrigenetics

Pranav Anam
Founder, The Gene Box

Happy Learning!

Nutrigenomics 101