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Hormones are messengers that play vital role in our day to day life. This course is an advanced course designed to understand role of genetics in maintaining optimal hormonal health in men and women. The course will deal with using nutrigenomics as key to solve the hormonal puzzle.

Relation between hormones, genetics and their correlation. Not only do genes code for hormones, but hormones regulate genes. Learn how genetics and hormones influence behavior, personality and how genes control hormones. Benefits and applications of genetics affecting hormonal changes with real-time case studies. Understanding genetic testing and gain useful insights of an individual’s gene pool.

Who Can Attend? This course is designed for dieticians, nutritionists, life coaches, health and fitness consultants, students of health science, and just about anyone with a curious mind.

Why does this course stands out:

Learn from Industry Experts
Access state of the art course material
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For everyone: Nutritionists, Dietitians, Lifestyle coaches, students and just about anyone with a curious mind
Call yourself an expert and walk away with subject matter expertise and a whole lot of confidence

Instructions to follow while taking the course:

  1. Check your headphone for sound for a better experience
  2. Keep yourself equipped to note anything important
  3. Healthy Internet healthy learning
  4. If you have any questions, email them to us for clarity at info@thegeneboxacademy.com

    Happy Learning! 

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Understanding Genomics

Session 2

Understand body
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Nutritionists, dietitians, lifestyle coaches, students and just about anyone with a curious mind.
Dr. Meghna Singh -Education Doctorate in Infection Biology from Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow and Jawahrlal Nehru University, Delhi Post Doctorate from IIT Bombay -Specialization Lead Scientific Collaborations with The Gene Box, Principal Investigator of Scientific Projects, Seasoned Academician Miss Nidhi Gada -Education Master of Science (MSc) Biotechnology Dayananda Sagar Institution -Specialization Research Analyst at The Gene Box Diabetes, Immunology, Personality Genomics
Learn how hormones affect an individual's gene pool. Real-time problems faced by people when strong observations go unnoticed. Measures taken with the help of genetic testing to improve hormonal health