Fitness Genomics Webinar

Fitness Genomics Webinar
Start your Fitness Genomics journey with a big leap, let see how Genetics coach can improve skills better and faster.
So Many times, we have heard someone say, Why do some people face more difficult in losing weight? or I am doing the same exercise as him, but our muscles dont develop equally? She has to do more cardio than me to lose the same amount of fats. Strong Core & Abs take a lot of time to develop.  and more..
Question is it why different for everyone and if it is, can it be catered to accordingly? The answer is what is the webinar will help us understand. See how genetics can impact the development of skills and fitness.
The webinar will touch upon interesting aspects of genetics, genes that impact fitness with some interesting case studies. It will help you explore the horizons of genomics concerning fitness, a walk through the fascinating world of fitness genomics to open more possibilities for you!
Description:  Our physical abilities are also governed by the genes, so it’s likely that if we don’t understand our genetics we wont be able to utilize the complete potential of our bodies.  Our researchers and practitioners have build a tailor made session for understanding the role of genomics in fitness. The basic outline of the course will touch upon the influence of genetics in physiology and fitness upkeep, exploring possibilities to excel. It aims in providing depth in understanding genetics of the fitness and help bring about changes in the fitness plans that you give to your clients! Each one is uniquely designed to do all great things, just that the details matter more than the path taken.
What will you learn:
    1. Understanding Basics of Genetics in a Human Body
    2. How can Genetics support the Fitness Development
    3. Design an effective and efficient Fitness Plans for each of your client
    4. Adds a layer of genetics to personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians or wellness coaches to better keep clients motivates and see see faster result.
    5. Will help you build loyal customers.

Date: 18th September 2021
Time: 10:00 am onwards
Location: Online Zoom Meeting (Link will be available on the course day)
Language: English

Why should you attend the Fitness Genomics Webinar?

In this fast-paced, ever-advancing world of fitness, with technology and science taking leaps and bounds to help individuals stay fit, this webinar will help you understand the most important aspect of human physiology- genetics.  Genomics has a great impact on the functions of the human body. With advances made and inferences achieved till now, it becomes imperative for any coach, nutritionist and fitness enthusiast to learn more about achieving fitness goals.

Instructors in this webinar

Aakash Bhatia
(IIT Kanpur, B.Tech Biological Science and Bioengineering)

Aaksh Bhatia The Gene Box Academy

Instructions to follow while taking the course:

  1. Check your headphone for sound for a better experience.
  2. Keep yourself equipped to note anything important.
  3. Healthy Internet, Healthy Learning.
  4. If you have any questions, email them to us for clarity at 

Key Takeaway:

  • Learn from industry leaders
  • Hear from experienced and scientific experts
  • Enjoy Live Class
  • Gain from interactive sessions

Happy Learning! 

Fitness Genomics

Webinar held on 18th Sept 2021