The Launch of The Gene Box Academy

Mumbai, India. 4th June, 2021. The Gene Box, a leading company in the world of DNA Testing and predictive analysis for wellness and research has come up with an idea. With a mission to enlighten the world of the impacts and benefits that genetics have in living a healthy life, they have initiated a web portal called The Gene Box Academy.

launch of gene box academy online certified genetic courses

The Gene Box Academy has been working on the concept of educating nutritionists, dieticians, life coaches, health and fitness consultants, students of health science, and just about anyone with a curious mind to understand how important genetics is to fight the common chronic disease and build a fit lifestyle with personalized nutrition.

The Gene Box set new standards for online genetics courses with the launch of The Gene Box Academy, where the candidates can learn how to understand an individual’s genetics and study them to curate a perfect nutrition plan for a healthy life. 

Along with this The Gene Box Academy will also guide candidates to understand the wiring of an individual’s body for flexibility, endurance, fitness and traits. This will help professionals to draft out a personal fitness plan for the result wanting to be accomplished. Right from losing weight to being the finest at sports, to keeping the body healthy and strong. 

They are expected to deliver courses every month on the basis of what the audience is keen on learning.

 “ The launch of The Gene Box Academy is perfectly timed as Health Advisors and Experts are looking to ensure their clients are healthy and fit especially in midst of such environmental conditions,” said Taher Kagdi, Co-Founder of The Gene Box. “We have seen an immense growth among the health advisors to take genetics into consideration for providing a faster, better and healthier life to their clients. This process makes the advisors proud and keeps their client motivated. Hence the launch of this academy will ensure health experts to invest in upskilling by adding genomics to their arsenal and drive the cause of a healthy world smoothly.”

The Gene Box has been imparting knowledge and information about genetics since a while now to health professionals. Achieving great response from the previous sessions is what led the team to build this portal.

Testimonial from the Past:

“The nutrigenomics masterclass session conducted by The Gene Box was excellent! All the speakers were precise. The content of the course was valuable. All the speakers were thorough with knowledge. They also gave sufficient time for discussion. They have given us knowledge which was beyond what we know about genomics. The session was highly professional. All the speakers were enthusiastic to clarify our doubts. Presentation was also crisp and clear.”

– Sejal

“I attended the nutrigenomics webinar and it was sequential in the module and advanced from basic principles to the most technical advancement in the world very smoothly and clearly. I am indeed glad I attended it and would definitely recommend it as a tool for my clients in my practise as a nutrition consultant to add value to my clients in their nutrition journey towards health and wellness.”

– Preetha

Learn from the Industry Leaders

The Gene Box has been in the genomics industry for more than 7 years. While building into the world of genetics they collaborated with experienced scientific experts. The Gene Box Academy features the Industry Experts to share and teach the knowledge of genetics. The panel consists of Aakash Bhatia, Dr. Meghna Singh, Aditi Deshpande, Dr. Hetal Vikmani, Purva Kulle, Ashish Pandya and Nidhi Gada.

Enjoy Live Classes

Due to the pandemic, unfortunately the fun of meeting everyone and discussing the subject is restricted. However, learning and imparting knowledge can happen from any place at any time, as long as we are willing to impart and learn. In order to keep the essence of meeting and discussion alive, they have designed their advanced courses as a Live Session. You can interact with the instructors to understand and learn the concepts clearly. Candidates can gain from interactive sessions and not have a monotonous, one way lecture in our online genetics courses. 


At the end of sessions and lecture, there is an assessment designed for the candidate to know how much they could grasp and how much of the concepts were clearly understood. There are extensive Q&A sessions right after the lessons.

Call yourself an expert

The course will provide enough knowledge for the candidates to walk away with subject matter expertise and a whole lot of confidence. 


After completion of the online genetics courses and assessment the candidate will be presented with a certificate of completion, a badge that can be put on letter heads and on other social media platforms, along with a letter of completion to promote their achievements and increase credibility. 

What is The Gene Box Academy

The Gene Box Academy is the educational arm of The Gene Box. Their aim is to share knowledge of genetics with healthcare professionals to equip them with the skills required to add a layer of genomics to their practice. The Objective is to be responsible for creating a healthy lifestyle and protect the health of people. This way everyone together will be able to fight the most common chronic disease which becomes fatal in many situations. 

Genetics is a science with a lot of new learnings coming to The Gene Box Academy from researchers all over the world. They are trying to collate that information and make it easily accessible to healthcare professionals. All courses have been created with a leaning towards genomic application so that the learnings from the courses can be applied to real world situations.

Course Available: Basic Certified Nutrigenomic Course & Advanced Nutrigenomic Course. The Gene Box Academy Team is working on coming up with a few more courses: Fitness Genomics Webinar, Diabetes and Nutrition Course, Hormonal Course, and Women’s Hormonal Health for Nutritionists. 

Candidates who are interested can enrol by signing up for the course earlier. The academy has mapped out benefits for early signups. The candidate will also be able to access the chat box to put down their recommendations and suggestions.This option is available if in case the candidate wants to learn about a specific subject under genetics. They can always put down their request and the team will get on to building the lessons.

Course launches on 26 June, 2021
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