Fitness Genomics Webinar

1st Sept 2021, Mumbai , Fitness Genomics is a preference for top fitness and health coaches. 

The Gene Box Academy on Monday Announced the upcoming course on Fitness Genomic for nutritionists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and fitness coaches who are enthusiastic about learning innovative ways to help their clients with a scientific approach to fit!

This is an online live webinar held by Aakash Bhatia, Fitness and Nutrition Team Lead at The Gene Box. This webinar is set to be live on 18th September 2021 at 10:00 amThe course will cover The Pillar of Fitness, Genomics 101, Fitness Genomics – An Overview, Genetic Testing in Sports and Fitness, Case Studies and Adapting and Implementing Fitness Genomics in daily practice for candidates to understand how to guide their clients with the most appropriate and effective way to fitness.

Ever since the world has been hit by Covid:19, the need of being healthy and fit has become a necessity. In order to do so, it’s important we efficiently achieve the goal. One way to do so is diving deep down to the level of genetics to understand the necessary activities to get the best results in a faster and healthier way. 
“As a result of Covid-19, the way of staying healthy has changed. It has become fast-paced. With a Deteriorating environment, improper work-life balance, choosing the right path of living is vital. Hence, with a lot of thought, the researchers at The Gene Box carefully designed the Free webinar on Fitness Genomics.” – Taher Kagdi, Co founder of The Gene Box Academy.

Course Powered by The Gene Box

The Gene Box is a pioneering health-tech company that has a specialized predictive testing platform. With years of experience in genomics, they provide their partners with a genetic data-to-reports platform with in-depth analytics. The research team is committed to providing research solutions to serve our partners and help individuals make better health decisions.
They specialize in: Genomics, Health Technology, and Genetic Testing & Reporting,

About The Gene Box Academy

The Gene Box Academy is the educational arm of The Gene Box. The aim is to share knowledge of genetics with healthcare professionals to equip the Health Advisors with the skills required to add a layer of genomics to their practice. Genetics is a science with a lot of new learnings coming directly from researchers all over the world. They try to collate that information and make it easily accessible to healthcare professionals.