Advanced Nutrigenomics Certified Live Course for health care professionals

A certified course that will help you get a deeper understanding of how genetics, nutrition, and diet are interrelated to each other. It will provide an insight into how nutrigenomics plays an important role in identifying and providing a cure to most chronic diseases.

Course Details:
Certified Advanced Nutrigenomics Course
3rd June 2021 to 24th July 2021
Live Session with Industry Leaders
Every Saturday at The Gene Box Academy

It will start by taking you through the basics of genetics, followed by its impact on our daily lives.

Today diseases that include obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc are responsible for millions of death worldwide. One of the biggest problems in India: Diabetes.

Nutrition genomics weight risk

                                                                                                            Graphic Credit: Mfine

Diabetes on the rise in India

                                                 Diabetes on the rise in India | Graphic Credit: springer

We are going to take you through a journey, where we will understand that just diet will not help solve problems. As diet and genetics create an impact on the body. Just by considering a diet, we are only looking at half of the solution. We need to make sure that the diet taken is in relation to the genetics present in our body.

Everybody is different, every person has their own genetics that determines how the body will respond to external factors.

If this is the case, then why should we get consider prescribing our self with the same nutrition or diet that our 3rd-floor neighbor is taking?????

Genetics plays a serious role in improving the health of an individual.

Hence we at The Gene Box Academy designed a course to get a deeper understanding of genetics and nutrition.

This course is built for nutritionists, dieticians, life coaches, health and fitness consultants, students of health science, and just about anyone with a curious mind to understand the impact of genes and how to identify the pattern in individuals.

This is a must step if you consider giving or creating personalized nutrition for individuals.

“Nutrigenomics revolutionizes the age-old one size fits all approach of Nutrition. It’s a complete game-changer.”

 Aakash Bhatia

Basic Nutrigenomics Certified Course, enroll now to learn about nutritional genomics

We are the leaders in the world of genetics. The course will be conducted by a panel of industry experts covering the following:

Advanced Nutrigenomics Curriculum:

Week 1: The Physiology of Eating
– Basics of Genetics
– Physiology of eating
– Intolerance and Sensitivities
– Focus Sessions: lactose and gluten sensitivity
– Assessment

Week 2: Micronutrients and Genetics
– Pathophysiology
– Star Genes: Micronutrients
– Deficiency and Negative Health Outcome
– Assessment

Week 3: Macronutrients and Taste Perception
– Macronutrients Metabolism
– Taste Perception
– Eating Behaviour
– Weight Management and Ability
– Assessment

Week 4: Technologies and Case Study Discussion
– Genetic Technologies
– Case Study Discussion: Diabetes, Weight Management, Hormones — PCOS, Lethargy
– Assessment 


Learn from the Industry Leaders

expert panel of industry leaders in nutrition and genetics


  • Learn from industry leaders
  • Hear from experienced and scientific experts
  • Enjoy Live Class
  • Gain from interactive sessions
  • Access state of the art course material
  • Download educational content
  • Call yourself an expert
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Course Details: 
Certified Advanced Nutrigenomics Course 
Live Session
3rd July 2021 to 24th July 2021
Every Saturday on
The Gene Box Academy

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